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Where can I find the VIN for my vehicle?
Your Vehicle identification number can be found on the vehicle title, registration papers and the insurance policy. The VIN number can also be found inside the vehicle itself, on the dashboard on the driver’s side and inside the driver’s side door.

When will I receive my vehicle history report?
After you submit your VIN number you will be taken to the right page where you can see your report right away after purchase.

How does my vehicle history report get delivered?
You will be able to view your history report on the web page provided. A PDF version will also be available for download.

What type of information does a AceCarCheck.com provide?
AceCarCheck.com provides you with a complete report on a vehicle’s history. This includes: vehicle specification, title issue data, title data current and previous state, most recent odometer reading (odometer history reading), brand assigned to the vehicle and date it was applied, salvage history, information from companies and auto recyclers and information from junk and salvage yards.

Where does AceCarCheck.com's data come from?
AceCarCheck.com's data comes from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. States, insurance carriers, and junk yards are required by law to report vehicle records to the NMVTIS. The NMVTIS has certified acecarcheck.com to provide instant access to this data over the Internet.

What kind of vehicles does AceCarCheck.com support?
We provide vehicle history reports for cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, recreational vehicles tractors and motor homes. Vehicles must be built after 1981.

Why can't I have a report from vehicles built before 1981?
From 1954 to 1981, the standards for VIN is not yet accepted. As a result, different manufacturers used different formats. In 1981 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standardized the format. The standardized VIN allows us to maintain and query vehicle data for vehicles since 1981.

How can I store or share my vehicle history report?
Every vehicle history report that we provide comes with the option to receive a downloadable copy in PDF format which you may print to keep for your records.

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